Finding Teacher Jobs in Your Field of Certification

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With a degree and certification under the belt, it only seems natural in this education job market that a fresh graduate should be able to find a job to their liking. But often this is not the case, as school districts have strict guideline for hiring practices, no matter where a new teacher might apply for a job. Finding teacher jobs in your field of certification might prove difficult, but it’s not because they aren’t out there. It might simply be that you are going about it all wrong.
Finding Teacher Jobs in Your Field of Certification
Rather than go over the wrong ways to locate the job of your dreams, it is best if we focus on the proper ways of seeking reliable and fulfilling employment. Your first resource is your alma mater, where education departments are able to match up newly graduated students with local and national education jobs. These programs have specific lists of positions, and by utilizing these when you have a chance you can locate a job within your field of certification without too much difficulty.
Your next resource is to contact an education headhunter, or if you are graduating from a respectable teaching program, wait for them to contact you. These headhunters have lists of active employment requests from schools, and it is their job to pair up perspective teachers with school districts al across the country. They will interview you to find your specific strengths and help you determine what the best fit will be. They will also facilitate interviews and any other paperwork that is required. As a bonus, headhunters are paid by the schools and not by the teacher clients- if one asks you for money in order to find employment, take this as an indicator of a shady trader, and walk the other direction.
Know Your Strengths
There are several national databases for teachers looking for jobs in your field of certification, just as there are many places where new teacher jobs are posted. Though there are many opportunities on these sites, they aren’t always the most reliable simply because of the amount of resumes and applications they drive. If going this route, be sure to have an eye catching resume, and be prepared to accept an offer fairly quickly if one is offered. There are many applicants coming through these sites, and a school may not need to waste time waiting for your decision.

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