Importance of Motivation in Teaching

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              The role of a teacher in a classroom is to motivate her student to learn. Motivation is one of the important factors in teaching. It can inspire the student to listen and participate on their class discussion. It is the first steps to do in order to encourage them to learn from their lesson. They will be also motivated to go to school every day. Most teacher know how important motivation is, but to further your knowledge about this matter; read on this article the various reason that makes this to be important.

Why Motivation is Important in Teaching?

              Motivation is one of the essential steps to make when you are teaching. It can help to strengthen the record of student’s attendance. If the students are well motivated in their classroom, they will have a reason to go to school always. They will be inspired to stay on their classroom during school day to learn. There is no need for their parent to beg them in order to go to school. So, it will be a great help in order for them to have reasons in coming to school.

              Motivation will create positive classroom behavior system. Teacher will spend more effort on positive behaviors, instead of a negative. It will help them to do also a positive behavior in order to catch attention from their teacher. Through motivation you will arouse them to listen on your lesson and participate to the activities that you prepared for them. So, their attention on playing outside will be change to participate in class discussion.

               Motivation will encourage your students on thoughtful work. Teachers can use various rewards in order to encourage students to work diligently on their assignment till they reach completion. The rewards that you will give are according to their needs. This kind of motivation will help your students to do their assignment completely. You will help them also to participate on every activity that you are going to implement.

             Motivation is very important for both students and teachers. If the students are well motivated and behave, so teacher will be inspired to teach them. It will be great help to your students to spend their time on studying. The result of their score on evaluation will go up, because they are motivated to spend their time and effort on their studies. There is no need for a teacher to spend more time on convincing them to listen.

            Motivation is playing an important role in teaching. It is the key to encourage students to learn. They will have reasons to go to school every day. It can arouse them to participate on every activity that their teacher may have. Teaching and learning process will not be completed without motivation. This is the first steps to start the lesson. There is lots of motivation that you will use and it will depend on your strategies. Motivation is the key in order to success in the process of learning. It will help to make the teaching process easier.

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