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With degree in hand and your teaching certifications neatly photocopied to attach to your curriculum vitae, the job market is yours for the taking. But like many jobs, a successful transition from applicant to employee means passing through a rigorous gamut of interviews. Even the most confident and seasoned interviewee can become disjointed with the myriad of interview styles, so taking a deep breath and preparing yourself beforehand is key to putting your best foot forward when placed in the hot seat. Simply follow these steps to present yourself in the truest and best light, and try and enjoy the process. After all, this is your calling, and your inter viewer only needs to see the real you in order to agree.
Prepare Well Before the Interview Begins
Your college days of rolling out of bed five minutes before a class starts are over, so make sure you hit the pillow early the night before. A refreshed candidate presents themselves as collected and calm, while someone with little sleep can look haggard and disorganized. Also, put together your interview packet the night before and review your resume and curriculum vitae to refresh your memory. You can be sure that many questions will derive from these documents, so don’t get caught unaware with a slight detail your interviewer wished to know more about.
Dress For Success
Again, your college years are behind you, and it is proper to arrive for your interview fifteen minutes early in clean and pressed professional clothes. Don’t wear your scrubs- instead, choose comfortable clothes that demonstrate your caring and thoughtful nature and will not make you stand out from the crowd. If your hair needs a cut beforehand, ensure you do this as well. For men, a close shave or facial hair manicure is in order, and for women, well applied makeup is in order. You wish to present the best of yourself, and looking good is key.
Speak Honestly and Confidently
Even if this is your first job on the nursing floor, you still have the skills that prove you deserve to be there. Answer questions calmly and thoughtfully, taking a pause if you need to in order to collect your thoughts. If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest and let your interviewer know. Then, follow up with questions that will help you understand the question better. This will demonstrate your ability to learn on your feet and be an asset in a team.
Be yourself, and share with your interviewer your excitement for the position. Your dream job is nearly in reach, and you certainly have the skills to attain your goals.

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