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No matter what your current teacher’s certification is, it’s always bound to be up for recertifying around the corner. Though not as complicated a matter as achieving it in the first place, there are certain things you need to have on hand for proof to demonstrate your professional development and time in classroom. Keeping these together through the turmoil of even one school year is a challenge, but if your recertification is every three to five years, you have quite a file conundrum on your hands unless you have a steady and reliable record keeping system.
Keep It Simple
First of all, don’t let yourself be fooled into purchasing the latest teacher-designed software program that guarantees to keep your personal development and certification renewal files in one nifty place. As a teacher, you are well aware the wide spectrum of possible re-certification measures that can be used, so using a pre-programmed software to handle everything is simply ludicrous.
Start with dedicating a file drawer at your home, or in your classroom is absolutely necessary, where you can keep hard copies of everything. This will allow you the peace of mind of having your documents close at hand without the issue of forgetting where you placed that certificate of accomplishment from the state retreat on finding the inner child of your fourth grade students.
Back Up Everything
Once your original files are placed in a safe place, get in the habit of keeping at least two copies on hand, in different places, at all times. This will let you have an emergency copy in case of fire, flood, or what have you, as well as a copy ready to go when you package up your evidence for re-certification. Keeping one copy on hand with your school files in the topteachingjobsistrative offices is a good start, but having another set in a completely different location, such as your parents’ basement, is a better idea.
Take the time in your record keeping to also review for overlapping certifications to get the most mileage out of your training. Often times, a night class in classroom management can also be utilized to cover requirements in communications, peer review workshops, or even technology strengthening.
Your recertification is as important to your career as your 401k, so be sure to treat it with the care and regard it deserves. Losing your paperwork means a lack of proof, and that surely won’t do you any good in the long run.

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